Our Story

Christine Osborne and co-owner Dan Morrisey opened a unique toy store on August 10th, 1990. Running a toy store was quite a switch for Dan and Christine. Both worked at Southern Pines Hospital from 1981 until 1990, when Charter Corp. bought the private psychiatric hospital. Dan moved to Charleston in 1981 to help open the hospital. He was named hospital administrator in 1984, a post he held until the hospital was sold.

Christine began at Southern Pines as an occupational therapist and was promoted to the post of marketing director in 1985. She stayed on with Charter Corp. for a while after the sale, but her heart was no longer in the work. “I went home and told my husband, ‘My creativity’s gone. I can’t do it again for another company.’”

Christine and Dan decided to open a different kind of toy store, one that promoted the wonder and magic of fun. They traveled to museum stores in Charlotte and Washington, noting the kinds of items sold and how those items were displayed.

Dr. Dan courageously battled pancreatic cancer in 2007. He will forever be a part of Wonder Works.