Christine Osborne, aka “Queen Bee”, Owner of Wonder Works

Q: What inspired you to open up a toy store?

I have always been a kid at heart and love making people HAPPY! The wonder and joy I get to experience daily with customers is priceless. Wonder Works’ hands-on toys allow the child in everyone to come out, no matter what age we are!

Q: How long have you worked at Wonder Works and what is your favorite part about your job?

I have owned the business for 23 years, since its inception in 1990. The store was developed out of my love for science and gadgets. My business partner at the time, Dan Morrisey, who lost his courageous battle with cancer in 2007, had a love of astronomy.  We developed the business with an additional nature component.

My favorite part of my job is to see the “twinkle” in someone’s eyes when “magic” happens at the store!

Q: What makes Wonder Works unique and why should someone visit the store?

Wonder Works is truly like no other toy store. The atmosphere is electric with excitement, happiness, energy, joy, wonder, and love!

The Wonder Works staff is specially trained to help select the perfect gift, while having a wonderfuntastical time with the customer! Our products are usually found only at Wonder Works. Often, our stores are the first to show an item in South Carolina for the very first time– and sometimes, we’re one of the first stores in the nation to carry it. Wonder Works is truly on the cutting edge of product selection and customer service!

Q: What is your favorite:

Toy –   It’s a toss-up, of course! I love the Flying Monkey and our new Jungle Jumparoo… both are SUPER COOL and WONDERFUNTASTICAL FOR ALL!

Gadget –The Magic Dragonfly… what else?!

Gift –  Locally made, John Gantt’s Charleston Hooker (Charleston’s #1 Grilling Tool)!

Book –  Locally illustrated and written, Sammy’s Last week in Charleston – featuring Wonder Works, lucky us!

Q: Tell us one of your favorite customer stories.

The very first Christmas at our West Ashley Charleston location, a gentleman came in at 4:00 pm on December 24th with his wife and mother to purchase one gift for his three children. He was extremely specific and wanted a quality telescope they could share and learn from. This was all the money the three adults had, and this was going to be the children’s only gift. I quickly accommodated him with a wrapped telescope and three large goodie bags, loaded with toys and trinkets for their stockings. I knew at that time I had found my calling, and helping those in need would be a rewarding and necessary function of my business for the local community.

The thousands of children and families that Wonder Works reaches out to daily with donations is made possible by the love and support showered on us by our community. The circle is complete, but ever-growing. My incredible team and I are honored to share this learned value of giving, which is truly what makes Wonder Works what it is today.

Q: What makes your staff so ‘wonderfuntastical’?

The uniqueness every Wonder Worker has is the love and caring they show everyone, from the delivery guy to the very last customer of the day! Their enthusiasm, childishness, joy, excitement, and energy creates that wonderful feeling one has when in the store and upon leaving! They are “like no other!”