Elizabeth “Schnookie” Royall, Operational Manager of Magic

Q: Why do they call you Schnookie?

Well why not?!?!? There are way too many Elizabeths out there, so I needed something a little more unique and GREAT FUN! Therefore, my older sister (the queen of nicknames) came up with Schnookie! Originally the spelling was Schnoockie; however, that became a little difficult for most, so we removed the “C.”

Q: How long have you worked at Wonder Works and what is your favorite part about your job?

I have worked at Wonder Works since I was 15. Picking my favorite part of my job is really hard because I love everything! From attending toy fair and helping pick out toys to bring home to the Lowcountry, to bonding with the employees, to helping families pick out their toys – I love it all!

Q: What makes Wonder Works unique and why should someone visit the store?

Wonder Works is not just your ordinary toy store. We are a family, from the people that have never been in our store to the people that have shopped with us for 21 years. At Wonder Works everyone is a winner, and EVERYONE contributes to making Wonder Works such an awesome family to be part of. You definitely don’t get that feeling just anywhere!

Q: What is your favorite:

Toy – I love the spooner board, because it is perfect for all ages and is great exercise!

Gadget – Boogie Board. It’s the modern day etch-a-sketch!  I love it and it’s perfect for ANY age!

Gift – Christian Royal Pottery is my favorite! All of his pottery is absolutely gorgeous, and there is nothing better than a child finding their true talent like Christian did with making pottery.

Book – Clay Rice’s The Lonely Shadow because I always loved chasing my shadow as a child.  Clay is such a wonderful artist!

Q: Tell us one of your favorite customer stories.

About a year ago, a mom and her son came in to pick him out some birthday presents. The mom proceeded to tell me that they were new to town and had invited his class to his party. Unfortunately, no child was able to attend the party. So, what do Wonder Workers do in this situation? Well, we threw a party for him! We got cupcakes, candles, and wrapped up Doink-it Darts for him. We then had him stand on a stool, and we sang him “Happy Birthday” and had a Wonder Works Party! This brought a smile to his face and tears to his mother’s eyes! It was truly a MAGICAL BIRTHDAY Day!